Knowing The Different Types Of Security Guards

There are many types of security guards and their jobs depend on the type of security you need. If you have a business, you may need a guard that is trained to do everything from deter shoplifters to monitoring your public parking lot. There are all types of security guards and this is because there are all types of people who need security services. Security services for businesses include but are not limited to, video monitoring, on site security, and off site security.

Types of Securityguards There are two types of guards. One is a hired guard and the other is a proprietary guard. Hired guards guards that are called in when there is a call for help. A hired guard works to protect residential homes. A hired guard can also work for a company to protect their commercial property or be hired just by one individual to guard their personal home.

Private Security Companies You can hire contracted professionals if you own a security company and need extra help around the house. Contract guards can be hired for special events. They are most commonly used at weddings, balls, or any other event that requires security. They are usually chosen based on their qualifications. They must have a concealed carry license, background check, drug testing, and experience using a weapon. Private security companies may also hire contract guards.

On Site Guards These types of guards are trained to be near the location that needs protection the most. They are usually called in by a resident that is scared or worried about a break in. They are trained to react quickly and to be fully protected as the situation demands. Most of the time, they are sent to residential homes to monitor and deter any type of crime. They are highly trained to make sure that their customer has the best experience possible.

Mobile Security guards The last two types of guards are more commonly referred to as “mobile” guards. They are trained specifically for the person that they will be riding with during an assignment. Most of the time, when people hire residential guards, they hire a company that provides a mobile guard service. This means that the guard will arrive at the residence first and then be accompanied by another person who will take over when the residential security guard is not there.

Proprietary guards are more expensive than other types. They are only available to the best security companies. The cost of training and employing proprietary guards is what puts the cost of this higher than other types of guards hired.

Hiring a Private Security Company. Many people are not familiar with the process of hiring a guard. Many people choose to hire a private security firm to handle all aspects of their protection needs. A private security company will handle the interviewing process, and will also provide the necessary training to ensure that they are qualified to provide guard services. Private security companies offer additional benefits to their customers, such as personal gear, guaranteed renewals of their contracts, and discounts on their services. Overall, hiring private guards is a very popular option, due to the high quality services that they provide to their clients.

Hiring Corporate Security Companies For larger corporations, hiring a private security company may be the better option for them. These guards are typically employed by larger corporations due to the fact that they may not have as much time on hand to personally train their own personal guards. As a result, the corporation may hire a security firm to handle all aspects of their security needs. While corporate guards tend to have more training than personal guards, it is important to keep in mind that corporate guards tend to make more money than personal guards, so the quality of guards hired will often be put on the back burner.

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